Why Rattan Outdoor Furniture Is Gaining Popularity

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  • July 27, 2017
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There is something creative and artistic about rattan furniture. The intricate weaving, the innovative and expressive designs evident in contemporary pieces inspire consumers to buy a piece or a set for outdoor (and even indoor) use. Abundant in the forest of Southeast Asia, the sturdy vine-like rattan tree has become the preferred material for wicker furniture.

Rattan is very pliable. It is straight and seemingly unyielding after treatment, but once steamed, it can be bent in any way and shape possible. Once dried, rattan will retain the new shape. Rattan is versatile and every part useful. The skin of rattan can be peeled and processed for weaving material. The core of the rattan can be used for different parts of furniture. Since the diameter of rattan varies, some are thick enough to be poles. These poles can either be used as the support frame of rattan furniture or wicker furniture.

However, though this type and make of the furniture is by and large weather resistant it is not completely weatherproof. You would still need to take precautions against excessive sun, rain, wind and snow if you want your furniture to last. Expect a life span of 10-25 years for well-maintained rattan furniture.

In Demand Outdoor Furniture

More and more homeowners are opting for rattan as outdoor furnishing due to its stylish design that blends in perfectly with any outdoor space. The woven texture and seemingly exotic ambiance of rattan are very appealing to consumers who prefer to bring style and comfort to their outdoor spaces. Accessorizing the furniture by adding throw pillows and such will enhance its appearance.

Woven furniture such as rattan is versatile as it can be used not only for outdoor areas but in indoor spaces as well. This type of furniture is light and compact to look at, no matter its size. Even if the piece of furniture is huge in terms of its actual size and weight, it still exudes a lightweight effect. A piece of rattan furniture will bode well in the dining room, on the lanai, next to the pool, near the garden, in the solarium and more.

Rattan is light and sturdy. Its light weight makes it easy to move this set of furniture around. Its durability and sturdiness make this type of furniture cost-efficient. Compared to other wooden furniture in the market today, this type of furnishing requires minimal maintenance. All one needs to clean rattan is a piece of soft cloth moistened in any dish washing liquid to wipe the surface clean. For hard to reach gaps, a small brush will do the trick. In the event that the furniture needs to be replaced, the cost is not quite substantial.

Rattan’s bendability and flexibility allows it to be bent and shaped into any size. These characteristics afford designers to create and innovate unique and beautiful pieces of rattan furnishings.

Opting for rattan furniture is an environmental-friendly endeavor. Rattan grows at a very fast rate and what is harvested can be fully replenished in just a few years’ time. It is also ecologically important as it can grow on even the most degraded and marginal soil.

Beautiful, versatile, lightweight, durable, affordable, low maintenance, eco-friendly.

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