The Natural Beauty Of Rattan Patio Sets

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  • April 1, 2019
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Rattan patio sets are becoming more and more popular. Furnishing the patio is now quite common as we attempt to follow the outside lifestyles of countries like Australia, Italy and Greece where people enjoy their leisure time with family and friends at one with nature, cooking up a barbecue and generally relaxing.

OK, so we don’t get the best weather here in the UK but we still get some nice hot weeks during the summer.

Patio wicker furniture is generally available in two types of material, Wicker natural and Wicker synthetic. Wicker is the term used for the weaving process, it is not a material in itself, generally the material used for all weather furniture is Synthetic Rattan, this is made from plastics such as polythene or polycarbonate, although natural Rattan can also be used.

The synthetic material repels the moisture, whereas the natural material needs to be naturally dried if it is made wet. Natural Rattan can also attract mould once left outside, whereas synthetic material does not.

Why Do Rattan Patio Sets Look So Good?

The reason Rattan looks so good, is the quality of the finish. This quality look is good enough for the furniture to be used either outside on the patio itself or even inside in the dining room. It’s quite common for good patio furniture to also be used in the conservatory during the winter months.

Rattan garden furniture looks very stylish. This is one of the reasons why you see this material being used a lot by high end restaurants and bars. Many bistros also incorporate this look into their Al Fresco decor. It does add a certain magic to outside dining when you are socialising or entertaining.

Using good quality Rattan, can save you a lot of money in the long run. This furniture lasts for years, even if it’s kept outside all year long. Yes you can buy cheaper outside furniture but who wants to sit on plastic chairs in the heat of the sun. A good patio set can consist of a sun lounger (or two) a couple of armchairs, a glass topped table and/or even a 2 or 3 seat sofa.

Rattan Patio Sets – Where Can You Buy Them?

Personally, looking at pictures of furniture on the Internet is fine for getting ideas but I prefer so try out the furniture for myself. I prefer the local Rattan furniture sale. These are sometimes advertised in the local paper.

You can also find the location of these sales by going online and typing “Rattan furniture sale” followed by your location into your browser.

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