Removing Stains From Rattan Furniture

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  • August 7, 2017
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Rattan furniture is without doubt a durable style of furniture and has a special natural beauty that has made it one of the popular choice of furniture that many people choose for their homes. Although rattan furniture is mostly easy to clean and care for because of its natural texture, colour and strength it does get dirty and can get stained.

Provided below are some helpful steps and tips to keep your rattan furniture in great condition and looking fantastic:

Regular Cleaning It is important to clean your rattan often. For already treated rattan, simply wiping it down with a diluted dishwashing detergent and water helps protect it against stains (as well as keeping it glossy and looking new). For untreated rattan make sure not to get the wood wet, use the suds from the detergent by getting a soft cloth to skim the suds from the water.

Stain Treatment Most stains happen outside the home and while rattan furniture looks great outside, you’re dooming your untreated rattan by keeping it outside where direct sunlight and humidity will eat away at it. Keep your rattan indoors and care for any stain quickly. If there is a large stain on untreated rattan furniture, many people opt to paint or varnish the furniture to cover it up. Although many find that stains can be worked out with a toothbrush and detergent along with some elbow grease and patience.

Cracking and Splitting For dried out rattan cracking or splitting can become an area of concern. Some people say that if you boil linseed oil and apply it to the cracked areas it will put moisture back into the fibres of the wood, regaining its flexibility. If it is untreated rattan then put a little epoxy inside the crack or splitting area and then finish by sanding it smooth once the epoxy dries. After that thee rattan material can be painted or varnished, but if the cracking and splitting is severe you should contact a wicker or a rattan expert to make major repairs.

When buying rattan ask if the furniture has been treated with anything. If you have untreated rattan furniture you should seriously consider applying lacquer or shellac to seal the rattan wood to prevent not only staining but to also prevent against humidity and heat damage from the sun. Once a year it is advised to reapply a coat of shellac or lacquer on your furniture.

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