Rattan Outdoor Furniture: Why Get the Synthetic Type?

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  • July 27, 2017
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Rattan outdoor furniture is one of the most elegant and stylish types of furniture you can use to enhance your home and backyard. But have you thought about the difference between rattan furniture designed for indoors and rattan furniture designed for outdoors, what made them different and how they are similar to each other?

The truth is there is no big difference between indoor and outdoor rattan. They are both uniquely designed and intricately woven to form the right structure. The only thing you would notice about indoor rattan most of the time are the cushions and soft covers that are wrapped on the surface of the chairs and lounges. This is because indoor rattan tables and chairs are not exposed to rainwater and direct sun unlike outdoor rattan furniture. This is one of the reasons why homeowners put an extra effort to make indoor furniture pieces extra beautiful.

No matter how stylish or fully-crafted your newly purchased rattan outdoor furniture is, it will always have a problem with the outside changing weather like what other natural materials do. The longer they stay under the sun and rain, the more sensitive they become to dullness and roughness. Natural materials fade their beauty through time and so with rattan and other wicker furniture types.

Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Fortunately, in the market today are several synthetic rattan that is made up of artificial material that looks like rattan but endures long years of beauty even when left under the cold and warm weather most of the time. Synthetic rattan outdoor furniture at present are designed to withstand the elements outside thus causing less damage to the materials.

People who are dreaming of rattan furniture can now order their perfect piece and expect the entire furniture to stay with them for 50 or more years. Several shops at present are selling rattan garden furniture that is made of a waterproof PVC. This type of material is very adaptable and features high resistance to extreme cold and heat. For those who are wishing to purchase coloured rattan outdoor furniture but are hesitant to proceed because of the colour-fading issue, the good thing is synthetic rattan does not fade that easily. It is light in weight and requires low maintenance. In fact, to clean them only requires water and a wet cloth. Like the natural wicker furniture, synthetic rattan is also hand-woven over a rust resistant frame and designed to withstand outdoor elements for a long time.

There are several rattan outdoor furniture these days that are available in various types and colours: tubular rattan classic, garden cube set, outdoor footstool, rattan sun loungers and garden dining sets and another plus is that they are available in just one click of your mouse. Make a careful choice on what to purchase and bring home. Think about your family’s needs, the available space you have at home and of course, the amount of cash available inside your pocket.

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