Rattan Outdoor Furniture – Add a Tropical Feel to Your Patio

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  • April 2, 2019
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This wood material is harvested from palm trees in very distinct areas of Africa, Asia and Australia. The largest percentage of this material that is used in the production of good quality furniture items is made from wicker that comes from Indonesia.

When looking for outdoor furniture it can become quite a challenge with so many different types of materials to choose from plastic, metal or wood what do you choose? Rattan furniture has always been a big favorite for many people looking to add to their patio or deck areas. Rattan is very durable and can withstand most climates and weather conditions.

Rattan is made from a woven material that is an off-shoot of wicker. For patio or decks it has the edge over plastic or metal options because of its comfort levels. Because rattan is such a flexible material it can be made into virtually any design you could wish for. So if you’re looking for something that is very versatile and stylish then rattan is definitely worth considering.

Rattans biggest plus is its durability which is why it has always been so popular. Its ability to withstand fading over a long period of time and the fact that whatever Mother Nature decides what the weather will be rattan can stand up to it. It is normally finished with a sealant that is weather resistant enabling it to spend all year round in the garden or patio areas. Rattan is low maintenance furniture so with a little care and attention it should last you a very long time.

With money being hard to come by nowadays rattan can actually be a good investment. Because of its durability it will outlast most other outdoor furniture and should you feel that its looking a little outdated then you can simply buy a few new cushions and amazingly it comes back to life again. If your natural rattan furniture should ever need to be replaced but you would still want rattan you can always choose one of the many resin type rattan furniture that is now on the market.

This furniture is available in a variety of colors, brown being the most traditional look, black in rattan is very popular now because of its more modern look but brown or black will compliment any garden setting. Some people still like the white finish for rattan but this is usually associated with the older styles.

Rattan outdoor furniture is a big favorite for restaurant and bar owners because it’s so durable and versatile and it will fit in with almost every setting. Lending a touch of tropical flair to casual as well as formal settings because it’s a natural wood it is very warm and inviting and it’s so simple to just throw a few white cushions on to give them that extra lift in outdoor settings.

So why not add a bit of a Mediterranean feel to your own patio or deck with tables and chairs to garden sofas there is sure to be exactly what you’re looking for in the now very extensive rattan outdoor furniture range.

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