Five Rattan Patio Furniture Pieces to Help You Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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  • March 29, 2019
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As the months grow warmer and white, feathery clouds float across an expanse of deep blue sky, the urge to venture out and embrace the outdoors increases. You can take to your backyard to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer, whether in the coolness of spring or the dog days of summer, but make sure you are prepared for the occasion with elegant and durable patio furniture.

When looking for the ideal furniture to dress up your patio, you will want something that is strong and lightweight. Something easy to position that is firm and comfortable for relaxing. Rattan makes for just such a material, and is highly adaptable for different looks and feels.

So the next time you want to enjoy your coffee, bagel and newspaper outdoors, make sure you have one of these five great options to support you:

Salerno Chair

The Salerno Chair is crafted from rattan poles and wicker with a beautiful honey glaze color coating. Rattan poles are steadier and more durable than their bamboo counterparts and make for a material that also tapers less. Tightly woven wicker fiber comprises the back piece of the chair for an effect that is at once comforting and supportive.

Teguh Chair

Crafted completely from wicker, this amazingly comfortable chair provides its sitter with a relaxing brace good for taking it easy most any day. From the tip of one arm to the other, the shape slopes upward and meets in the middle for a perfect C-pattern that you can just fall in to for an opulent firmness that sets a mood for the ultimate in relaxation.

Loona Chair

The Loona Chair is a unique selection in the variety of rattan patio furniture choices available. It combines wood from the rattan palm as its base with seagrass, an unusual plant commonly found in meadows within the depths of the sea. The uncommon nature of seagrass will enhance your patio furniture and make it stand out from the pack.

Aspen Arm Chair

The Aspen Arm Chair defines elegance. It features a partially open back piece that is comprised of dark brown water hyacinth, which is braided for extra strength and features a black wash that mixes beautifully with the traditional rattan palm base for a look that looks right at home both indoors and outdoors.

Horizon Arm Chair

The Horizon Arm Chair carries with it a royal design of rattan pole and peel, whose sturdiness is eclipsed only by its stylish, sumptuous comfort. Soft cushion and woven closed back give off a superior quality. The peel is cut smaller than traditional Croco, and is easily adaptable for your color preferences.

Accept nothing less than the best when it comes to your patio furniture needs. It does not matter if your patio is enclosed or outdoors. Make sure you select a material that can hold up to wear and tear from the elements and use. With the choices listed above, you have a variety of rattan patio furniture choices that share in durability, adaptability, and comfort.

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